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Our Commitment to Uncompromising Quality


High Quality Silk-Screen

The silk-screen process was first introduced between (960–1279) AD and has been a standard for color transfers ever since. This superior, time-intensive method results in the most durable and premium stickers available.

Water, Weather & Wear-Proof

The sticker's material is a non-porous product that can withstand rain, puddles, and even perspiration. Don't sweat the wet!

Fade-Resistant Colors 

The silk screen process provides for the thickest and most vibrant UV resistant colors. Unlike your typical sticker, these colors will not bleed. Go ahead and put your little one in their cutest socks with confidence.

Designed For The Toughest Play

Our sticker's adhesion is so strong it is designed to last the lifetime of your child's shoe. Let's have some fun!